Songwriting (part 1) - Music 

"Since I come from a musical background that always included rock and roll in the soup I'd serve, you can expect my songs to have heavier sounding drums and louder guitars that you might find in most country pop songs. So it’s basically a fusion of country pop, rock, and topical lyrics - that's the mix that seems to work best for me. Having lived in Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas and Nashville, I try to draw from different music styles I’ve personally experienced across the nation." Dennis continues, "For me, the music of a great song includes a memorable hook, a pleasant sounding melody, and a rhythm that gets your foot tapping."

Songwriting (part 2) - Lyrics 

Dennis Stephen explains, "The lyrics have to be strong enough to tell the story that I want to communicate in a song. I often write about things that matter to me and to people I know. My songs include a wide range of topics... God, patriotism, love and relationships, good times, bad times, you name it. If it's something worth talking about, it's also worth singing about," says Dennis. "Audiences want entertainment to be a temporary escape from their daily problems, so I don't want anybody to have to think about politics, the economy or the latest news. I just want them to have a good time and enjoy my recordings and live shows."

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