Dennis Stephen in a quiet moment during his performance

Dennis Stephen is a country rock music artist who has enjoyed performing for more than two decades. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is currently based Boston MA and Nashville TN. Dennis Stephen has performed his original music in venues across the country.

Dennis explains, "My music style can best be described as a fusion of rock, country and pop, so 'country pop' or 'country rock' seem appropriate if it absolutely has to be labeled." Dennis Stephen cites his musical influences as Tom Petty, Melissa Ethridge, Eagles and Lonestar.

Getting his start as a guitarist in various Boston-based cover bands, Dennis Stephen soon desired to write his own music. So he joined ASCAP and moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s, to become immersed in the entertainment scene. He continued to write and perform music while also working day jobs in marketing management for entertainment giants Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros.

In the early 2000s, Dennis left the West Coast and headed to Nashville, where he burned the candle at both ends once again, developing and showcasing his songs, while also working in corporate marketing. Feeling increasingly homesick, he returned to Boston in 2011 and created a side project where Dennis performed completely in character as John Lennon. The tribute performance known as Lennon Show ran for five years. Says Dennis, "It was one of the high points in my career to step onstage and 'become' John Lennon... the look, the sound, the spirit of a legend!" By 2016, Dennis Stephen returned to writing and performing his original music nationwide.

Signed to the Meloden Nashville label in 2021, Dennis released his North Country album, written during the early months of the COVID pandemic in 2020. The album is streaming on all digital platforms, and available on CD. His current album is titled Saints and Sinners, and was released in March 2023. Dennis performed all vocals and instruments heard on both albums.

  Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
  Other places lived: Los Angeles and Nashville 
  Favorite album: InnerVisions by Stevie Wonder 
  Musical influences: Tom Petty, Melissa Ethridge, Eagles, Beatles, Lonestar
  Jobs: Bank teller, school bus driver, corporate marketing director
  Favorite movie: To Kill a Mockingbird 
  Favorite food: Pizza with mushroom topping 
  Instruments used: Gibson Les Paul Standards, Fender American Stratocaster, Rickenbacker 325v58, Gibson SG, Epiphone Casino, Ovation acoustic, Vox AC30 amplifiers, Fender amplifiers

Discography (albums): 
  Saints and Sinners - Meloden Nashville
  North Country - Meloden Nashville
  Inside Out  - Lighthouse Media Group 
  Dennis Stephen Live  - Indie 
  Eight Direct Hits (as Denny Stevens)  - Stratosphere Records   
  Stratosphere Live at LaRou’s - Indie

New Album

Saints and Sinners is the latest album from singer-songwriter Dennis Stephen, who also wrote lyrics and music for all of the songs. Released in March 2023 by Meloden Nashville, the album is a follow-up to his acclaimed 2021 release, North Country.

The album is a collection of tracks ranging from country rock to traditional rock and roll, plus a touch of pop and other genres. "It's filled with upbeat music that makes you feel good inside, and lyrics that relate to everybody," says Dennis Stephen.

Dennis sings and performs all instruments heard on Saints and Sinners, which is available on all digital platforms and on CD.

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